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Every single day of the year, we are rescuing Newfoundlands from a lifetime of cruelty, violence and pain, and funding life-saving health research to keep our dogs healthy and pain-free for long, happy lives. Your commitment makes it possible for our life-saving programs to create happy endings for those innocent lives. Please continue to be there for NCA Charities and the Newfoundlands we serve.

Since 2003, the NCA Charitable Trust has worked tirelessly to make the pain and suffering of Newfoundlands a thing of the past, and we'll continue in our efforts until that goal is reached. Thank you for being there for us, which has allowed us, in turn, to be there for all the dogs who have found their way to our doorstep.

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Donations not specified for a particular account will be allocated
by the Charitable Trust Management Board to the fund where the need is greatest. Please choose the appropriate button below to make your contribution today.

Huck was rescued by the NCA
The NCA collects DNA samples for Health Research


Your secure online donations to the NCA Health Challenge will help fund the fight against debilitating diseases through targeted research funding.

Your generous contribution to the NCA Rescue Network provide a safety net for Newfoundlands in need across the country.

Like a Newf puppy, who quickly grows to an adult, the Newfoundland Endowment Fund will also grow with your support. Please consider a generous donation today.

Ashely was rescued by the NCA

Tax Deductible

Donations to the NCA Charitable Trust, a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, are income tax deductible.

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Penny's Life was Saved by NCA Charities


Benefactors often choose to memorialize or honor a special person by making a gift in their name. Please include with your contribution the honoree’s name and address, in the message field of the donation form so that we may notify that person of your thoughtfulness. In the case of a deceased honoree, please also include the name(s) and address of the family member(s) to whom you would like an acknowledgement sent, as well as their relationship to the deceased.

Summer found her forever home thanks to NCA Rescue

Matching Gifts

Donations to NCA Charities may be eligible for corporate matching gifts programs. Please contact your employer or pension provider for more information.